Monday, August 15, 2011

The Disappearance (Part 1)

Read the following short story and answer the questions that follow:

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  1. Does the title hint at anything ominous? How?
  2. The father does not give any indication to the son that his mother is coming back. Why is that so? Do you think it is acceptable to tell a white lie?
  3. Do you think the saying 'out of sight, out of mind' summarises this short story? How?
  4. Do Americans and Indians share the same values? Explain.

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  1. answer 1
    At the first sight of the title i thought the story is going to be about a paranormal activities(these activities commonly about bad spirit,devil etc) because the words 'disappearance' already indicate something or someone is missing without a trace,maybe.So,as a conclusion,the title is giving a hint about something not good.(sue wrote this)
    Answer 2
    The father dont tell his son about his mothers diappearance because from the story already shows that the son is close to her mother and he just dont want the son to feel at worst sad ever.As for the white lie...well..i think its acceptable in a certain situation.Just like in the story,the son is looking for his mother and theres a part of the story where he cry so hard that his father need to hold him tight to put him back to sleep. So,at a situation like this he needs to tell white lie just for the comfort of his son. Even his friends already told him to do it. So its acceptable(sue wrote this also)^_^
    Answer 3
    The saying DOES NOT summarises the story AT ALL...Sir can u let us create our own ending?we will post it just like we did for the previous Short Story?can we can we?(elot wrote this hehe)