Thursday, August 4, 2011

So so Serendipitous

Incidentally, one of the members in this group is celebrating his birthday today. As luck would have it, his name rhymes with, you guess it, luck. It is also serendipitous that his age is eighteen, which brings to mind the Chinese song 十八姑娘一朵花.

During class this morning, he appeared dispirited. When I was informed of his birthday by his classmates, I thought they were pulling my leg. After all, he had every reason to be grateful unlike the protagonist in Birthday. To be remembered is better than to be forgotten. I guess his joy was slightly marred by the fact that he couldn't feast on anything--it is the month of Ramadan after all. 

Perhaps when he breaks his fast, a smile would be imprinted on his face. The food may satisfy his cravings but all that counts for nothing if it is not shared with the people that he loves. So on this blessed day, may he be blessed with long life. Here's a peach:


  1. So so so serendipitous indeed. :P

  2. is this post a birtday present for him sir? :D

  3. If his name does rhyme with luck, then it goes without saying.