Friday, July 29, 2011

Lamb to the Slaughter (Part 2)

As I was going through the short story again, an interesting thought came to me. Who has the lamb? Mary Maloney. And then the nursery rhyme 'Mary had a little lamb' started playing in my mind. Do they have any similarities?

Well, both Mary have a 'lamb'. One is frozen, the other still alive and kicking. Imagine having the nursery rhyme changed to "Mary had a leg of lamb"? Perhaps it will go something like this:

Mary had a leg of lamb,
leg of lamb, leg of lamb,
Mary had a leg of lamb
to bash her hubby's skull.


  1. If only Blogspot had a like button... :)

  2. You can click on 'plus one' albusperi

  3. Dear Sir,

    A gem indeed. Perhaps you could consider separating the dry stuff from the whimsical to assist those always in a hurry (ref: Mad Hatter in A i W). But of course, total disagreement is perfectly in order.